Micro Liquid Injection Electric Syringe Pump High Cost Performance

Micro Liquid Injection Electric Syringe Pump High Cost Performance
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Oписание продукта


LH-129 Infrared Power Meter


LH-129 power meter infrared radiometer radiation energy meterSolar Films automotive glass insulationRate Tester


LH-129InfraredLightPower meter isAWide spectrum of infrared Light Power meter, used for measuring the infrared radiation Of Power density, power per unit area of the radiant energy.Products also can measure the temperature and Material Correct Infrared transmittance, Blocking rate. Easy to use, Measurement accuracy, quality Reliable!


SunLight, infrared light, infrared remote control And other sources of infrared radiation intensity measurement
Material Correct Infrared Of Transmission Barrier, reflectance Measuring
Solar Films Insulation glass insulation performance test 
Optical and laboratory,Field of meteorology and agricultural production




1.Measurement power range

2.Wide spectral response range

3.measure the peak power for remote testing

4.measurable permeability barrier rate

5.with a thermometer, a suitable insulation performance test

6.save 100 groups of test data



1.Accuracy: ±3%

2.Measuring range:1-9000 W/   


3Spectral response:760nm-1700nm

4.Center wavelength: 1400nm

5.The optical window diameter: 10mm

6.Window Size: 48x48mm

7.ProductSize: 132x71x29mm

8. Packing Size:185x115x50mm

9.Power supply: 4 AAA batteries (not included)

10.Productnet weight: 120g




1.OK Key: Recognition and switch, pressOKKey to boot; press and holdOKBond3Seconds off

2. M Key:MODEMode switch and direction keys:

3. R Key:RECSave data query and arrow keys: Next

4. S Key:SETSet and Arrow keys: Left

5.H Key:HOLDLock and unlock data and the arrow keys: Right



1.Press the arrow keys to select the desired option PressOKKey to confirm

2.Unit: Select uW/cmW/cW/c


3.Mode1: ChooseDisplay content P- Only Power° C- Temperature onlyP +° C- Power and temperatureDefault:P +° C

4.Mode2: Set the display transmittance or blocking rateDefault: transmittance

5. Automatic shutdown: Yes -3Minutes without operation of automatic shutdown, no - no automatic shutdownDefault: Yes

6. Language:Choose a languageChinese- Chinese,English- EnglishDefault: Chinese

7.Exit: PressOKExit the setup



Chinese menu English menu




Power and temperature measurement:

1.Press OK Key to boot, waiting for the end of POST, enter the default mode1- Power measurement mode.

2.The power meter window at the front end of the probe radiation, power and temperature data can be read. Note that each measurement to ensure the same distance between the position angle measured data will be consistent with their data and other temperature measurement requires stable before read.

3.Press H Key can lock peak, according to OK Key to save the data and unlock

4.Data can be saved in mode1 By press R Key to read, press the Up and Down arrow keys to flip, data query interface: pressOKKey to exit the inquiry; press H Enter the menu to delete the current data, press the Up and Down arrow keys and OK Keys to select the desired operation; press S Enter delete all data.


Power and temperature measurement


Transmittance and blocking measurements

1.Boot and pressMKey to switch to the mode2

2.The power meter window at the front end of the probe radiation, this timeAAndBThey are displayed in real-time power value "A"Flashing

3. PressOKKey calibration, power locksAThat total power (To restart the determination of total power pressOKYou can unlockA), At this time "B"Will begin to flash between the light source and the power sensor window placed in the test sample, the measured object due to occlusion radiated power will be attenuated at this timeBThat is the percentage of total power through power: the display is the optical power transmission, the instrument automatically calculates the transmittance

Permeability test


4. Press H Key to lock the data, press OK Key to save the data and releases B Lock, if not to save the data is then H Key lift B Locking

5. Data can be saved in mode 2 By press R Key to read the specific mode of operation is the same1

6. Setup menu mode 2That is the percentage of the total power of the barrier power: selectable measuring internal options Rejection



Rejection Test



1.Measuring not more than a long time70Degree or shell will be deformed

2.Remove the battery when not in use for a long time into the box to save

3.Avoid hot and humid environment